In a Lighter Vein


Atlantic Drivethrough Cars will be Cars

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The Way of All Flesh  

In Defence of Protein Intake

Our English, Their English  Murdering the Queen's English

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Me and My Doubles    Is This Fame or Notoriety?

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In Light of Old Lamp      Ring Out the New, Bring Back the Old!

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Worm's Eye View Better Late - Period! cartoon5.jpg (16740 bytes)
How to Avoid Walking Morning Walk is for the Birds ...and Wives!




On Fathers and Daughters and Eating Chaat!

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Fitting Three for Two When two is company and three is a crowd!

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Practically Speaking Practice make perfect.....or does it? cartoon7.jpg (9233 bytes)
My Wife's Best Pal Snakes in the House cartoon8.jpg (8087 bytes)
Remote Ideas Me and My Remotes

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Digitally Yours Organizing Organizers and Leaps of Memory

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Cash or Charge Perils of Plastic

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Back to Nature Camping is not always fun

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Cricket Anyone For our national obsession
Not on the Cards Taking Bridge Seriously

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Teaching a First-Year Course A Humorous Persepctive